Les Classiques à l’épreuve

Edited by Delphine Antoine-Mahut and Samuel Lézé

[NB: Presentation in English]

Reference: Les classiques à l’épreuve. Actualité de l’histoire de la philosophie. Paris: Editions des archives contemporaines, 2018, 467p. ISBN : 9782813002181.

Editors: ANTOINE-MAHUT, Delphine (Professor, ENS de Lyon) and LEZE, Samuel (Associate Professor, ENS de Lyon)

The ebook edition of this book is available in Open Access : https://www.archivescontemporaines.com/books/9782813002181

This collective volume starts from an observation that is easy for all philosophers to make: their argumentation borrows arguments from philosophers of the past in order to adapt or to refute them in new debates. The objective is then to explain the philosophical uses of these borrowings focusing on the debates relevant to their borrowers. How does a philosopher read another philosopher and what does he do with the materials he finds interesting in his philosophy. The interest is not only to better understand the argumentation of a particular author. It is also to open to a comparative history of philosophical argumentations and to highlight the philosophical relevance of the study of the reception of past philosophers. Indeed, these receptions can shape our historiography. An author’s way of seeing can come from the diffusion of a philosophical reception: for example, Descartes is widely perceived, even today, through his spiritualist reception. In this perspective, the volume brings together case studies from the entire history of philosophy in order to analyze precisely how, for example, Leibniz reads Plato, how Merleau-Ponty reads Machiavelli, how Deleuze reads Hegel, how Canguilhem reads Nietzsche. Philozophizing begins by making conceptual distinctions and reconciliations between doctrines, but there is a whole range of argumentative tools, not to say intellectual weapons, to argue and, sometimes, to caricature because of the constraint that new debates and the renewal of past doctrines exert on the philosopher: to affiliate, to enlist, to ruminate, to recontextualize, etc.