Spinoza’s Philosophy of Ratio

By Beth Lord

Reference: Spinoza’s Philosophy of Ratio. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018. 192 pp. ISBN 9781474455879.


Editor: LORD, Beth. Professor of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen.


Discover Spinoza’s philosophy of ratio, from geometry and reason to bodies, affects and architecture. From his geometrical method to his theory of mind and body and from his account of the emotions to his doctrine of how to live well, ratio is of prime importance in Spinoza’s philosophy. These essays explore the surprisingly varied dimensions of this unacknowledged keystone of Spinoza’s thought. They take you from Spinoza’s geometrical diagrams to his concepts of mind, body, the emotions, and the cosmos. It shows how Spinoza’s thinking about ratio influences the concept of proportion in Gulliver’s Travels, the differential ontology of Deleuze, egalitarian design for wellbeing, and the notion of an affective architecture.

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